How to unblock a manhole

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A manhole is a non-penetrable closed box that is concrete or brick-constructed that collects waste waters from households. Depending on the geographic position and proximity of drinking water, one can make a manhole that will release solid waste aside in a decaying space, through the vertical sides of a manhole. Decayed matters in this space are released through a pipe into a chamber from where it is removed. Such manholes are good because the cleared liquid is taken directly from a manhole into larger streams before the decaying process begins on these.
The usage of such pools implies partial purification. Where there are no larger water streams, water from a decaying space has to be biologically cleaned and then allowed to go into smaller water streams or into the grounds. Such water is appropriate for irrigation.

Mounting a manhole is a good solution for household waste waters processing. It has the following parts: lower part, middle part, upper part with the cover (2 pieces), and partition walls. All concrete parts are made from watertight vibrated concrete of the pressure firmness grade C25/30. It has mounting hooks in all parts. All compounds of elements due to watertight quality should be connected with construction glue.

In areas where there are no public sewers, i.e. a sewer system for taking away waste waters, it is necessary to build manholes. A manhole is constructed to ensure hygiene, prevent diseases and infections as well as unpleasant smells. Manholes are made of plastic or concrete. Plastic manholes are easy to maintain and there is not much possibility for a Blocked manhole Enfield.
Plastic manholes are most often constructed as horizontal plastic reservoirs, i.e. cisterns for waste waters, which are placed into the ground by digging. The advantage of these manholes is that they don’t pass water through. Plastic manholes are quickly placed and are in function within a day. They are easy to maintain and you will often not experience a problem with a Blocked manhole Enfield.

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