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Eco Click Taps: There are taps on the market today that are fitted with something called an eco click system which allows for some greener water use. As the tap is initially turned on, the water will flow at a slower rate which is suitable for a toothbrush rinse or even a facecloth. If a larger speed is needed, to fill the sink for example, then you can turn the tap further past the click and it will increase.Tools Needed:A Cranked Spanner:The cranked spanner releases the back nut connecting the tap to the basin. If the nut is difficult to undo, try placing a screwdriver through the end of the spanner and this will give extra purchase. Enfield Plumbers use spanners.A Basin Wrench:A Basin wrench will free the connector nuts locking the taps to the supply pipework.Change The Tap:1). Undo the connecting the nuts on the old taps. You will probably need the basin wrench to release the tap connector nuts holding the taps to the pipework, and cranked spanner to undo the back nuts holding the taps on the basin. 2). Take out the old taps. Should they not move they may be held in place with old putty that has gone hard. If this is the case tap them gingerly from underneath with a wooden mallet. Make sure that the ceramic surround is cleaned before you fit the new taps. An Enfield Plumber fits all kinds of taps.3). Fix the new taps from underneath with the washers and mounting nuts supplied. Make sure that the hot tap is on the left, and the cold tap is on the right. 4). Re-connect the existing pipework, or you can use a 15mm flexi-tap connector. 5). Lastly, take off any paint or tarnish from the pipework with wire wool and carry out a visual inspection to confirm there is no debris in the new taps before making any connections. Reinstate the water supply and make sure the taps are working correctly. Check for leaks.

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